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Northern Lights


Photographic Expedition with  Andre Bonotto  and Renato Machado


A little about this wonderful destination.

Come and experience the magic of lights on Senja Island up close!


In this exclusive itinerary, we will explore Senja Island, chosen by CNN as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world!


Get ready for days and nights of "hunting" for the Northern Lights between tours through scenery full of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and fjords, in an unforgettable and unparalleled experience.


The second largest island in Norway and located above the Arctic circle, the island of Senja is considered “Norway in miniature” for its diversity of landscapes that reflect a little of all the natural settings found in Norway, from dramatic fjords and mountains which practically collapse into the Atlantic Ocean to white sand beaches amidst immense mountains.

This is where the great adventure happens. The Northern Lights Expedition is dedicated to nature lovers, whether photographers or non-photographers.

Be my guest and come and photograph the beauties of Norway.




Period:  19  on October 26, 2024




Investment: U$ 3980.00 (accommodation in double room)

U$4500.00 (accommodation in single room)

*Values valid until 02/29/2024



Target Audience: Interested in landscape photography, Northern Lights,  wildlife, astrophotography, travel and nature.

Payment Terms: 


  • Cash 7% discount

  • Option 1: 40% deposit and balance in up to 12 installments on your credit card with interest 

  • Option 2: 40% deposit and balance via transfer in up to 6 installmentsinterest-free

    * Consult other payment methods


Photos Andre Bonoto and Renato Machado


1st day   10/19/2024  Saturday  -  Bardufoss/Finnsnes

The group will be received by the team upon arrival at the airport and transferred to the hotel in Finnsnes for check-in. Bardufoss is a small town in the municipality of Malselv and Finnsnes on the mainland, it is known

as "the door to Senja". Rest of the day free.

Attention: depending on the weather forecast, it is possible to do it now

our first northern lights hunt tonight.

2nd day  20/10/2024  Sunday - Finnsnes

After breakfast, the group will meet with the team to discuss plans for the week of adventures and get to know the region better. Optional tours will also be offered, if interested.

Night: Northern Lights hunt in North Senja

The hunt for the Northern Lights will depend on the region's weather conditions. The location to see the phenomenon may be changed, always taking into account the best chances of sighting.

3rd day  10/21/2024  Monday  - Finnsnes / Mountain Route

After breakfast, departure for the Mountain Route, traveling along a road through the mountains and reaching the fjords, with waterfalls and lakes on the way and breathtaking landscapes. We will stop at a Sami house with a fantastic history and we will also pass by fishing villages hidden among the mountains.

Night: Northern Lights Hunt in Southeast Senja

Tonight's hunt will be on a route that reaches a range of magnificent mountains, which help to form the perfect background for your Northern Lights photos - including selfies!

4th day 10/22/2024  Tuesday  - Finnsnes / Torsken and Gryllefjord

Considered one of the most beautiful routes in the Senja region, the Torsken-Gryllefjord route runs along roads flanked by rivers, lakes and mountains until reaching beautiful fjords. We will take a short trail (depending on weather conditions) on the Sugarloaf Mountain until we reach a viewpoint to appreciate the spectacular beauty of the fjords. We will continue on this exciting route until we reach the two largest fishing villages in this region, to hear stories and stories and learn a little more about the incredible local culture.

Night: Northern Lights Hunt

Tonight's hunt will take place around a lake (or river, depending on weather conditions) so we can get the perfect view of the lady of the night's incredible lights reflecting off the water - which usually makes for perfect photos!

5th day 10/23/2024  Wednesday  - South of Senja island

Our tour today explores the southern region of the island, traveling along roads lined with truly cinematic landscapes. In addition to all the natural beauty along the way, we will visit a fishing village in the middle of the mountains and historical details of the region, such as a fort used by the Germans during the Second World War and the Cold War.

Night: Northern Lights Hunt

6th day 10/24/2024  Thursday- National tourist route

Norway has eighteen official national tourist routes, each of them created precisely because they have unique and stunning landscapes along their length. Of these eighteen routes spread across the country, one of them passes precisely through the island of Senja. Along our tour today, we will encounter steep mountains that plunge deep into the ocean and we will have the chance to stop at different places for spectacular views of the fjords. We will travel along narrow roads that skirt the beautiful fjords and their crystal clear, icy waters, passing by white sand beaches with perfectly visible corals. Get ready to visit viewpoints with breathtaking views of the region, as well as charming fishing villages that teach you the difficulties of a time when people had to survive solely from fishing and agriculture.

Night: Northern Lights Hunt

7th day 10/25/2024 Friday - Finnsnes/Bardufoss.

At an appropriate time, to be informed the day before, transfer to Bardufoss airport and end of the Phototour Norway.

Julio M. Passos , Buzios

“These were days of great learning about photography, local culture and discovering incredible landscapes. A transformative journey "

Ilka Lemos , São Paulo

Cristiane Rocco , Curitiba

"Lush landscapes, northern lights, infinite emotions, tears of joy, silence for contemplation, the true feeling of Life! It was like this, in the thousand and so kilometers traveled on this incredible and unforgettable trip. Congratulations on your work."


* Snack  contains  coffee, hot chocolate, tea,  cookies and  fruit that will be provided during daytime photography transfers or at the photography section location. Any and all additional or special food during this period is the responsibility of each participant. 

** In Norway, meals are divided into a breakfast served in the morning between 7:00 and 10:00, an afternoon snack served between 12:00 and 14:00 and dinner between 15:00 and 18:00. The dinner item is not included in the phototour prices. Depending on the location where we will be photographing,  we will have a single option  restaurant or if the location is even more remote,  snack box (juice, fruit, sandwich and chocolate) will be provided at a cost of US$ 20.00 per box. 


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My name is Renato Machado

photographer and author of  books  Secret Landscapes of Southern Brazil and Canyons and Balloons, he has dedicated himself to photography for over 10 years.

During this time, he traveled through the Sahara Desert, Egypt, Norway, Easter Island, the Polynesian Archipelago, however  It was in 2015, after a trip to Patagonia, that his passion became a serious matter in his life, and he specialized in landscape photography. Born in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Renato has participated in international competitions such as the Sony World Photography Award and Zeiss Photography Award 2016, in addition to having photos published in National Geographic and Fotografe Melhor. 


I want to participate in the Phototour
Aurora Borealis 3 - Norway

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Cancellation Policy

To confirm the expedition, a minimum number of 6 participants will be required. If the contractor withdraws, on the trip,  the deposit amount will not be refundable. Confirming the group, the signal value will be deducted from the input.

If the trip does not take place due to force majeure, a new date suggestion will be presented. If the contractor is not available, the amount paid to date will be fully refunded.


If the registrant withdraws, he/she must formalize in writing  to email


Other variations to the cancellation policy will be handled as follows:

- Up to  90 (ninety) days before the trip  payment of  down payment  of 40% (forty percent);

- More than 45 (forty-five) days  and less than 90 (ninety) days of the trip fine of 60% (sixty percent) of the contracted amount;

- Less than 45 (forty-five) days before the start of the trip will not provide the right to a refund of the amounts paid.

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