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Darwin's Paths

Puerto Deseado

Photographic Expedition with   Renato Machado

MARCH 2024

A little about this wonderful destination.

Located on the north bank of the Ria Deseado, the city of Puerto Deseado (in Portuguese Porto Desejado) has a long history of sailors finding shelter in its calm bay.  In 1520, Fernando de Magalhães passed through there and called the place “Bay of Works”. In 1578, with the arrival of Francis Drake's fleet, the place was renamed Seal Bay. Eight years later, in 1586, he received another English pirate, Tomás Cavendish, who gave the place the same name as his ship, “Port Desire”. Translated into Spanish, the name no longer changed. In 1833, during his trip aboard the Beagle, the English naturalist Charles Darwin also explored the region and reported in his travel diary not only the natural aspects, but the sensations that the place caused.


Today the small city of 15 thousand inhabitants is a place with a lot of economic activity and an important fishing center. The biggest attractions of Puerto Deseado are its wildlife reserves. The “Ria Deseado Natural Reserve” and “Isla Pinguino” have great ecological importance. They are nurseries for several species of birds and sea lions. Today the place is developing wildlife observation tourism and “Isla Pinguino” is about to be declared the first marine national park in Argentina. As always, everyone wins with preservation.


This will be the environment of our expedition for 5 days. A rich fauna for a wonderful Photo Safari with three species of penguins, sea lions, bats and much more. As well as lots of history to photograph and beautiful landscapes.




Period:  03 to 09  March 2024




Investment: U$ 2,400.00 (accommodation in double room)

U$ 2,900.00 (accommodation in single room)



Target Audience: Interested in landscape photography,  wildlife, astrophotography, travel and nature.


Renato Machado Photos


Day 1: 03/03/2024 - Sunday 

Arrival of participants at Comodoro Rivadavia airport and transfer to Puerto Deseado with an estimated duration of 3 hours. After some strategic stops to photograph the landscape on the route, we will arrive at our hotel in Puerto Deseado. At 7 pm we will meet for a briefing about the phototour and then head to a delicious welcome dinner. After dinner, a well-deserved rest.


Day 2: 03/04/2024 - Monday 

After a delicious coffee we will head to our first adventure. We will sail towards the Ilha Pinguim Marine Park where we will spend the day photographing lots of wildlife including penguins, seabirds, sea lions and hopefully walruses and whales. At the end of the day and after the wonderful sunset, we return to Puerto Deseado for dinner and rest.


Day 3: 03/05/2024 - Tuesday

Once again we will leave right after breakfast for another sailing adventure. Now our destination will be Ria Deseado Natural Reserve for another full day of exploring the fauna and flora, as well as the beautiful landscapes. At the end of the day we will return to Puerto Deseado for dinner and well-deserved rest. 


Day 4: 03/06/2024 - Wednesday

Today the adventure will be a combination of land and sea. After breakfast we will head overland to Sendero Darwin along the coast of the Ria Deseado and in the afternoon we will head to Pedra Tombada to photograph the wonderful sunset. We close the day with a return to the hotel, dinner and rest.


Day 5: 03/07/2024 - Thursday 

Another day of beautiful landscapes. Delicious breakfast and road to the Cabo Branco Nature Reserve. In this place, in addition to the beautiful landscapes on the coast, we will be able to photograph many seabirds and a large community of sea lions. At the end of the day we will look for a prominent point on the way back to photograph the sunset. End of the day for dinner and rest.


Day 6:  03/08/2024 - Friday

Today is the day to visit the Petrified Forest. After breakfast, we will continue overland where we will spend the day in this exotic location. Depending on the weather, we will see the sunrise or sunset at this location. At the end of the day return to the hotel to rest.


Day 07: 03/09/2024 - Saturday

After breakfast, we will head to Comodoro Rivadavia Airport so that each of the participants can go to their cities and end the phototour.

Julio M. Passos , Buzios

“These were days of great learning about photography, local culture and discovering incredible landscapes. A transformative journey "

Rafael Sgari  , Porto Alegre 

“Phototour Jalapão is really good. So compliments!! Congratulations on your organization Renato."

Cristiane Rocco , Curitiba

"Lush landscapes, northern lights, infinite emotions, tears of joy, silence for contemplation, the true feeling of Life! It was like this, in the thousand and so kilometers traveled on this incredible and unforgettable trip. Congratulations on your work."



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My name is Renato Machado

photographer and author of  books  Secret Landscapes of Southern Brazil and Canyons and Balloons, he has dedicated himself to photography for over 10 years.

During this time, he traveled through the Sahara Desert, Egypt, Norway, Easter Island, the Polynesian Archipelago, however  It was in 2015, after a trip to Patagonia, that his passion became a serious matter in his life, and he specialized in landscape photography. Born in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Renato has participated in international competitions such as the Sony World Photography Award and Zeiss Photography Award 2016, in addition to having photos published in National Geographic and Fotografe Melhor. 


I want to participate in the Phototour
Darwin Paths - Puerto Deseado

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Cancellation Policy

To confirm the expedition, a minimum number of 6 participants will be required. If the contractor withdraws, on the trip,  the deposit amount will not be refundable. Confirming the group, the signal value will be deducted from the input.

If the trip does not take place due to force majeure, a new date suggestion will be presented. If the contractor is not available, the amount paid to date will be fully refunded.


If the registrant withdraws, he/she must formalize in writing  to email


Other variations to the cancellation policy will be handled as follows:

- Up to  90 (ninety) days before the trip  payment of  down payment  of 40% (forty percent);

- More than 45 (forty-five) days  and less than 90 (ninety) days of the trip fine of 60% (sixty percent) of the contracted amount;

- Less than 45 (forty-five) days before the start of the trip will not provide the right to a refund of the amounts paid.

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